10% left! DK WEIR trains filly with a rap! Terrific rap from breaker!!!!!!

Sep 07, 2018

10% left!!!!!

A breaking in report doesn't get any better than this!!!

Horse Progress
Friday, 24 Aug 2018

Written Tycoon/Elle Labelle (FERGIE) :

Your Written Tycoon/Elle Labelle filly has done a terrific job of breaking in.
Breaker Bruce O'Dell was a huge fan of your filly, she is a lovely mover, and really looks the part as she's working around.

Nothing was ever too much trouble for her as she reached each milestone quite easily.

She has been trotting and cantering around Bruce's home track in a work pad, either on her own or alongside a partner, and she's been introduced to the barriers without any problems.


She'll sell quick with the following superb rap from Darren Weir's breaker!!!!


5% $11,000
10% $22,000
#Finance available vis Lombard/Skye (conditions apply)*