7.5% left in this exciting filly with outstanding trainer PETER MOODY…very excited to get hold of this filly!

She really took my eye and based on the success we have already had with the SHAMUS AWARD breed this filly was a real standout. Buying yearlings early makes good sense and has seen very good results in MIMI’S AWARD & ROLL ON HIGH.

PETER MOODY bares no introduction his stable is flying!

He does a terrific job with fillies especially he has a real knack to them, keeps them happy and gets the best out of them…testimony to his great horsemanship.

She is also a SUPER VOBIS filly as well so eligible for the terrific extra prizemoney that that scheme has on offer.

5% $7,000

7.5% $10,500

Race horse syndicates in Australia provide a fantastic opportunity for people to get involved.

Horse syndication is a major element of racing in Australia.

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