HorseEasyPay is a feature in Thoroughbred Payments that can help you buy horse shares. 

It is like Afterpay but it doesn’t cost you anything. As you know products like Afterpay have become very popular with consumers.

What is HorseEasyPay?

Owners pay for their share of the horse in instalments. You determine how many instalments over what period.

ie: 4 x horse share instalments:

  1. 25% on sale confirmation

  2. 25% at 30 days

  3. 25% at 60 days

  4. 25% at 90 days

Instalments are charged to the owner’s credit card or bank account automatically. There are no additional costs to owners to use this service, apart from the standard card and bank processing fees.

Benefits to Owners

  • The affordable way to pay for their horse share. Instead of paying $6,000 in one go, they pay:

    • $1,500 day one

    • $1,500 at 30 days

    • $1,500 at 60 days

    • $1,500 at 90 days

  • Convenient way to pay. Auto debit to bank account or credit/debit card

  • Interest free payment

  • Earn credit card reward points. Profitable way to pay valued at 5%

Accept all card payments

Contact Rob Slade to organise Ph 0417 036 865 or email

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